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Good news | Received a patent for a testing device for Beidou terminal chips

2021-07-10 16:45:41

The BeiDou terminal refers to a Function Test that uses the BeiDou satellite navigation system for positioning and navigation. The system consists of a space end, a ground end, and a user end, providing high-precision and reliable positioning, navigation, and timing services for various users 24/7, and has short message communication capabilities. It has preliminary regional navigation, positioning, and timing capabilities. In the detection process of the BeiDou terminal chip, the BeiDou terminal chip testing device needs to be used. However, the existing BeiDou terminal chip testing device has poor fixation effect on the chip, is prone to causing damage due to compression of the chip, and does not have dust removal function, which can easily affect the detection accuracy of chip testing 、Testing Pcb 
. Therefore, Rich Full Joy proposed a "testing device for the BeiDou terminal chip" To solve existing problems.
Rich Full Joy Electronics Solution
1. Setting a motor on the top side of the base, and fixedly connect the output shaft of the motor to the rear side of one of the three sprockets. Through the set motor, the motor drives the three sprockets to rotate synchronously, thereby driving the two incomplete gears to achieve the same rotation direction. This causes the gear rack to move back and forth horizontally, and then drives the pawl to operate in the same horizontal direction, causing the pawl to start intermittent clockwise rotation.
2. By installing a tester on the top of the base and a fixed alarm on the top of the detector, the Beidou chip can be tested using the tester.
3. The interior of the vertical rod is equipped with a through hole, and the outer side of the gear rack is movable and connected to the inner side of the through hole. Through the through hole, it plays a certain guiding role for the horizontal movement of the gear rack.
4. Real time data analysis: The testing device has real-time data analysis function, which can monitor test data in real time and generate test reports.
Rich Full Joy Innovative Point
1. This project uses pulleys and sprockets to drive the motor while driving the chip, which is detected during transportation, thereby increasing the testing efficiency of the chip.
2. Support testing of multiple parameters, achieve positioning accuracy, sensitivity, power consumption and other tests to comprehensively evaluate the performance of the Beidou terminal chip.
3. Equipped with intelligent fault diagnosis function, capable of automatically analyzing test data, identifying potential problems and anomalies, and providing corresponding solutions.
4. Adopting modular design, configuring and expanding according to actual needs to improve the flexibility and applicability of the testing device.
Issues addressed by Rich Full Joy
Problems to be solved
1. Resolve the issue of inability to test chips of different specifications and models.
2. Solve the problem of low automation level.
3. Solve the problem of test data being easily leaked or tampered with during transmission.
Expected project objectives
1. Can be combined with testing platforms for automated testing.
2. Can determine whether the chip performance meets the requirements through the analysis of test data.

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