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Good news | Received patent for Satellite Intelligent Terminal Security Chip

2021-08-24 16:45:41

In today's rapidly developing world, satellite intelligent terminal security chips have emerged, aiming to solve security problems through innovative points. With the continuous development of network technology, network security issues are becoming increasingly prominent, and satellite intelligent terminals are facing increasing security threats. Their applications in modern society are becoming more and more widespread, including industries such as fisheries, forestry, meteorology, telecommunications, water conservancy, transportation, surveying and mapping, as well as the general public. Among them, satellite intelligent terminals are a key component of navigation systems, and their safety directly affects the stability and reliability of the entire system.


In summary, the development of security chips for satellite intelligent terminals is aimed at improving the security performance of satellite intelligent terminals, protecting user data and stable system operation, promoting the development of the satellite navigation industry, and enhancing our country's competitiveness in the global satellite navigation field.

Innovation points

1. This project has a new type of security mechanism, which enhances the security performance of the chip through artificial intelligence technology security mechanism, thereby achieving intelligent security detection and defense.

2. This project adopts advanced chip design technology to improve the computing speed and energy efficiency ratio of the chip, achieve system architecture optimization, and reduce system power consumption and cost.

3. This project has implemented flexible extension functions, which can support multiple communication methods and data formats through flexible interfaces, protocols, and rich extension functions.

Problems to be solved

1. We need to address chip security issues to prevent risks such as hacker attacks and theft of private information.

2. Resolve the issue of chip performance affecting the processing power and response speed of terminal devices.

3. Solve the problem of poor stability and be able to use it stably in harsh environments.