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Good news | Received patent for wireless communication chip

2021-10-13 16:45:41

With the rapid development of wireless communication technology, the importance of wireless communication chips as the core component of wireless communication systems is becoming increasingly prominent. Traditional wireless communication chips often have fixed functions and poor flexibility, making it difficult to meet the increasingly diverse wireless communication needs. The development of wireless communication chips is aimed at meeting the wireless communication needs in different scenarios, solving the problems existing in traditional wireless communication chips, improving communication efficiency, reducing error rates, ensuring communication reliability and stability, and promoting the development of the wireless communication chip industry.


Rich Full Joy’s Technical Solution

1. Using SDR technology to achieve different communication protocols and frequency bands, improving the flexibility and scalability of the chip.

2. Adopting low-power architecture and optimization techniques in chip design to reduce power consumption and extend the lifespan of devices.

3. Integrate key components such as RF transceivers and modems onto the same chip, reduce the number of peripheral components, and improve integration and reliability.

4. Using a communication system to convert analog signals into digital signals, continuous time analog signals are converted into discrete time digital signals through sampling and quantization processes. The signal is processed through digital filters such as anti aliasing filtering, notch filtering, and gain control to improve signal quality and anti-interference ability.

5. Communication protocol technology: Communication and data transmission between communication devices are achieved through protocol stack settings such as physical dimension, data link dimension, network dimension, transport dimension and application dimension.

Rich Full Joy’s Innovation Points

1. Flexibility and scalability. By implementing software definitions for communication protocols and frequency bands through SDR technology, the chip can support multiple wireless communication standards and meet communication needs in different scenarios. Meanwhile, SDR technology also enables the functionality of chips to be upgraded through software updates without the need to replace hardware devices.

2. Capable of high performance and low power consumption. This project adopts low-power design technology and optimization algorithms to reduce power consumption and improve communication efficiency. By optimizing key technologies such as modulation and demodulation, data compression, and energy detection through LoRa technology, low-power and long-distance communication can be achieved.

3. High integration and good reliability. This project integrates key components such as RF transceivers and modems onto the same chip, reducing the number of peripheral components and improving integration and reliability.