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PCB board summary table

2016-12-08 16:27:54

Summary Of Rich Pcb Substrates

Classification Applied Substrate Substrate Category (delivery area of commonly used RICH substrate10)
Regular Substrates usual TG FR4 : S1141, TU-662, KB-6160, IT-158( mid TG), VT-42, VT-42S, NP-155F(TG155)
high TG FR4 : S1000-2, S1000-2M, IT180A, TU-768, NP-175F, 370HR
high TG, halogen free : S1170G, KB-6167G, NPG-170D, IT170G
mid TG, halogen free : S1150G, KB-6165G, NPG-150, IT150GSTC
halogen free, high CTI : S1151G (CTI600V)
high CTI (CTI600V) : S1600, KB-6160C
aerospace, underground drilling, long-term high and low temperatures, aging boards, etc. SH260 (TG 250°, DK4.12-4.22) VT901 (TG 250°, DK3.9-4.2 halogen free)
chip, packaging substrate : SI10U(S), SI643HU, HL832NX, DS-7049HGB
ceramic powder filled high-frequency board : RO4003C, RO4350B, etc. Rogers 4 series, Arlon25N, S7136, S7135, WL-CT350
PTFE high-frequency substrate : Rogers 5 series, Taconic series, Arlon seires, Taizhou Wangling F4B series
High-speed Series high-frequency substrate PP RO4450F, RO4450T, RO3010, RO3003, RO3006, Synamic6
high-speed series (1-5G) Tu-862, S7038, S1165, Isola-FR408HR, Isola-FR406, EM370, EM828G IT170GRA NP175FM
high-speed series (5-10G) MEG4, Tu-872, N4000-13, Tu-863, Synamic4, EM-888, I-Speed(Isola)  N4800-20SI(Nelco) IT-958G
high-speed series (10-25G) MEG6, Tu-883, Synamic6, Meteorwave1000/2000/3000 series(Nelco), EM-891, EM-888K, IT-968, I-Tera MT40(Isola)
high-speed series (25G) MEG7, Tu-933, Meteorwave4000(Nelco), IT-988,Tachyon 100G(Isola)
High-frequency Series high-frequency series (DK 2.2-2.25) RT5880, RT5880LZ(DK2.0) TLY-5(Taconic) SCGA-500 GF220(Shengyi), F4BK225, F4BTMS220
high-frequency series (DK 2.33) RT5870, TLY-3(Taconic)
high-frequency series (DK 2.45) TLX-0(Taconic), TLT-0(Taconic)
high-frequency series (DK 2.5-2.55) AD250(Arlon), TLT-9(Taconic), TLY-9(Taconic),  SCGA-500 GF255(Shengyi), TLT-8(Taconic), TLY-8(Taconic), F4BM255
high-frequency series (DK 2.6-2.65) TLT-7(Taconic), TLY-7(Taconic), TLT-6(Taconic), TLY-6(Taconic), SCGA-500 GF265(Shengyi), F4BM265, F4BTMS265
high-frequency series (DK 2.7-2.75) AD270(Arlon), TLC-27(Taconic)
high-frequency series (DK 2.92-2.94) RO6002, CLTE(Arlon), F4BTMS294
high-frequency series (DK 2.95) AD295(Arlon), TLE-95(Taconic)
high-frequency series (DK 3.0) SCGA GF300, AR-320(Arlon), (Taconic), TLC-30(Taconic), RO3203, F4BK300, ZYF300CA, RO4730G3, RO3003C
high-frequency series (DK 3.2-3.28) AD320(Arlon), AR-320(Arlon), TLC-32(Taconic), TMM-3(Rogers), 25N(Arlon), Shengyi LNB33
high-frequency series (DK 3.37-3.38) 25FR(Arlon), Ro4003C, WL-CT338
high-frequency series (DK 3.48-3.5) RO4350B, RO4835, AR-350(Arlon), RF-35(Taconic), F4BK350, WL-CT350, S7136, S7135
high-frequency series (DK 3.6) AD360(Arlon)
high-frequency series (DK 4.5) AR-450(Arlon), TMM-4(Rogers)
high-frequency series (DK 6.0) AR-600(Arlon), TMM-6(Rogers)
high-frequency series (DK 6.15) RO3006, RO6006, RO4360, Taconic RF-60A
high-frequency series (DK 9.2-9.8) TMM-10(Rogers DK9.2), TMM-10i(Rogers DK9.8)
high-frequency series (DK 10.0-10.2) AR-1000(Arlon), CER-10(Taconic), RO3010(DK11.2), RO3210(DK11.2), RO6010, TF-1/2