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Communication power amplifier PCB board

High Frequency Pcb, Rogers 4350 PCB+Fr4 Material, 8L Thickness: 2.0mm



       Technical features: This is a High Frequency Pcb produced by China Pcb Supplier. The product is applied to communication amplifier modules, with hybrid pressing of Rogers 4350 and FR4 Material. The top layer of the metallized blind groove is designed with a depth of 0.5mm to achieve a copper free effect. The product adopts 8 Layer Pcb Stackup, Multilayer Circuit Board, and Blind/Buried Via PCB process, with thermal stability more than three times higher than that of ordinary FR-4.



       Types Of Printed Circuit Board:High-frequency Hybrid pressing PCB,Rigid PCB,HDI PCB,Flexible PCB,Rigid-flex PCB,Special PCB,Special PCB,Thick Copper Pcb,Metal edging PCB,gold finger PCB,carrier board, thin board,Half hole PCB。 If you need the cheapest PCB Manufacturer, please contact us

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    Product manufacturing instructions

    Type Of Circuit Board High-frequency Hybrid pressing PCB+Metal edging+resin plug hole
    pcb board layers 8L
    pcb board thickness 2.0mm
    Single size 104.9*108.4mm/1PCS
    Surface finish ENIG
    Inner copper thickness 35um
    Outer copper thickness 35um
    Solder Masking green(GTS,GBS)
    Silkscreen Pcb white(GTO,GBO)

    circuit board material Rogers RO4350B+ Regular Substrates S1000-2M,FR-4,TG170
    through hole resin plug hole
    Density of mechanical drilling hole 11W/㎡
    Density of laser drilling hole /
    Min via size 0.3mm
    Min line width/space 5/7mil
    Aperture ratio 7mil
    Pressing 1 time
    pcb board drilling  1 time

    Quality Assurance


    Quality Management System: ISO 9001: 2015, ISO14001:2015, IATF16949: 2016, OHSAS 18001: 2007, QC080000:2012SGS , RBA, CQC, WCA & ESA, SQ MARK, Canon GA, Sony GP

    PCB quality standard: IPC 1, IPC 2, IPC 3, GJB 362C-2021, AS9100

    PCB major manufacturing process: IL/lmage, PatternPlating, I/L AOI, B/Oxide, Layup, Press, LaserDrilling, Drilling, PTH, PanelPlating, O/Llmage, PanelPlating, SESEtching, O/L AOI, S/Mask, Legend, SurfaceFinshed (ENIGENEPIG, Hard Gold, Soft Gold, HASL, LF-HASL, lmm Tin, lmm Silver, OSP), Rout, ET,FV

    Detection items

    Inspection equipment  test items
    Oven Thermal energy storage testing
    Ion contamination level testing machine Ionic cleanliness test
    Salt spray testing machine Salt spray test
    DC high-voltage tester Voltage withstand test
    Megger Insulation resistance
    Universal tensile machine Peel strength test
    CAF Ion migration testing, improving PCB substrates, improving PCB processing, etc.
    OGP  Using non-contact 3D image measuring instruments, combined with XYZ axis moving platform and automatic zoom mirror, utilizing image analysis principles to process image signals by computer, the measurement of geometric dimensions and positional tolerances can be quickly and accurately detected, and CPK values can be analyzed.
    On line resistance control machine Control resistance TCT test Common failure modes, understanding the potential factors that may cause damage to system equipment and components to confirm whether the product is correctly designed or manufactured

     Inspection equipment  test items
    Cold and thermal shock box Cold and thermal shock test, high and low temperature
    Constant temperature and humidity chamber Electrochemical corrosion&surface insulation resistance testing
    Solder pot Solderability test
    RoHS RoHS test
    Impedance tester AC impedance and power loss values
    Electrical testing equipment Test the circuit continuity of the product
    Flying needle machine High voltage insulation and low resistance conducting test
    Fully automatic hole inspection machine Check for various irregular hole types, including round holes, short slot holes, long slot holes, large irregular holes, porous, few holes, large and small holes, and hole plug inspection functions
    AOI AOI automatically scans PCBA products through high-definition CCD cameras, collects images, compares test points with qualified parameters in the database, and after image processing, checks for small defects that may be overlooked on the target PCB. There is no escape from circuit defects

    High Frequency PCB Applications

    Select high-frequency materials and processing techniques with different DK and DF values to meet the application scenarios of different high-frequency PCBs: wireless data transmission, WiFi, 4G, 5G, 6G, Microwave ovens, satellite communication, radio broadcasting, mobile communication, television broadcasting, GPS, remote control, monitoring, tactical communication, remote command, equipment control, 76~81GHz millimeter wave radar, long-range millimeter wave anti-collision radar, millimeter wave anti-collision radar for drone, satellite communication terminal antenna and high-speed backboard.

    High frequency (HF): The high-frequency range is approximately between 3MHz and 30MHz. 

    Radio Frequency (RF): Usually refers to the frequency range from approximately 3kHz to 300GHz. 

    Microwave: The range is approximately between 300MHz and 300GHz.

    What is the dielectric constant of RO4350B?

    The RO4350B has a dielectric constant (Dk) of approximately 3.48, which is a fixed value when measured at a frequency of 10 GHz. This dielectric constant makes RO4350B ideal for high-frequency applications such as microwave and RF communication systems, as it provides more stable signal transmission characteristics.



    HDI PCB has a wide range of application scenarios in the electronic field, such as :

    -Big Data & AI : HDI PCB can improve the signal quality, battery life and functional integration o mobile phones, while reducing their weight and thickness. HDI PCB can also support the development of new technologies such as 5G communication, AI and IoT, etc.

    -Automobile : HDI PCB can meet the complexity and reliability requirements of automotive electronic systems, while improving the safety, comfort and intelligence of automobiles. It can also be applied to functions such as automotive radar, navigation, entertainment and driving assistance.

    -Medical : HDI PCB can improve the accuracy, sensitivity and stability of medical equipments, while reducing their size and power consumption. It can also be applied in fields such as medical imaging, monitoring, diagnosis and treatment.

    The mainstream applications of HDI PCB are in mobile phones, digital cameras, AI, IC carriers, laptops, automotive electronics, robots, drones, etc., being widely used in multiple fields.


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