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PCB Assembly  Capability

SMT, the full name is surface mount technology. SMT is a way to mount the components or parts onto the boards. Due to the better outcome and higher efficiency, SMT has become the primary approach used in the process of PCB assembly.

The advantages of SMT assembly

1. Small size and lightweight
Using SMT technology to assemble the components onto the board directly helps to reduce the entire size and the weight of the PCBs. This assemble method allows us to place more components in a restricted space, which can achieve compact designs and better performance.

2. High reliability
After the prototype is confirming, the entire SMT assembly process is almost automated with precise machines, making it minimizes the errors that may be caused by manual involvement. Thanks to the automation, SMT technology ensures the reliability and consistency of the PCBs. 

3. Cost-saving
SMT assemble usually realizes through automatic machines. Though the input cost of the machines is high, the automatic machines help to reduce manual steps during SMT processes, which significantly improves the production efficiency and lower the labor costs in the long-run. And there are fewer materials used than through-hole assemble, and the cost would be decreased, too.

SMT Capability: 19,000,000 point/day
Testing Equipment X-RAY nondestructive detector,First Article Detector, A0I, ICT detector, BGA Rework Instrument
Mounting Speed 0.036 S/pcs (Best Status)
Components Spec. Stickable minimum package
Minimum equipment accuracy
IC chip accuracy
Mounted PCB Spec. Substrate size
Substrate thickness
Kickout Rate 1.Impedance Capacitance Ratio : 0.3%
2.IC with no kickout
Board Type POP/Regular PCB/FPC/Rigid-Flex PCB/Metal based PCB

DIP Daily Capability
DIP plug-in line 50,000 point/day
DIP post soldering line 20,000 point/day
DIP test line 50,000pcs PCBA/day

Manufacturing Capability of Main SMT Equipment
Machine Range Parameter
Printer GKG GLS PCB printing 50x50mm~610x510mm
printing accuracy ±0.018mm
Frame size 420x520mm-737x737mm
range of PCB thickness 0.4-6mm
Stacking integrated machine PCB conveying seal 50x50mm~400x360mm
Unwinder PCB conveying seal 50x50mm~400x360mm
YAMAHA YSM20R in case of conveying 1 board L50xW50mm -L810xW490mm
SMD theoretical speed 95000CPH(0.027 s/chip)
Assembly range 0201(mm)-45*45mm component mounting height: ≤15mm
Assembly accuracy CHIP+0.035mmCpk ≥1.0
Quantity of components 140 types (8mm scroll)
YAMAHA YS24 in case of conveying 1 board L50xW50mm -L700xW460mm
SMD theoretical speed 72,000CPH(0.05 s/chip)
Assembly range 0201(mm)-32*mm component mounting height: 6.5mm
Assembly accuracy ±0.05mm, ±0.03mm
Quantity of components 120types (8mm scroll)
YAMAHA YSM10 in case of conveying 1 board L50xW50mm ~L510xW460mm
SMD theoretical speed 46000CPH(0.078 s/chip)
Assembly range 0201(mm)-45*mm component mounting height: 15mm
Assembly accuracy ±0.035mm Cpk ≥1.0
Quantity of components 48 types(8mm reel)/15 types of automatic IC trays
JT TEA-1000 Each dual track is adjustable W50~270mm substrate/single track is adjustable W50*W450mm
Height of components on PCB top/bottom 25mm
Conveyor speed 300~2000mm/sec
ALeader ALD7727D AOI online Resolution/Visual range/Speed Option:7um/pixel FOV:28.62mmx21.00mm Standard:15um pixel FOV:61.44mmx45.00mm
Detecting speed <230 millisecond/field of view
Bar code system automatic bar code recognition(bar code or QR code)
Range of PCB size 50x50mm(min)~510x300mm(max)
1 track fixed 1 track is fixed,2/3/4 track is adjustable;the min. size between 2 and 3 track is 95mm; the max size between 1 and 4 track is 700mm.
Single line The max track width is 550mm. Double track : the max double track width is 300mm(measurable width);
Range of PCB thickness 0.2mm-5mm
PCB clearance between top and bottom PCB top side: 30mm / PCB bottom side: 60mm
3D SPI     SINIC-TEK Bar code system automatic bar code recognition(bar code or QR code)
Range of PCB size 50x50mm(min)~630x590mm(max)
Accuracy 1μm, height: 0.37um
Repeatability <1um (4sigma) Volume/Area<1%(4sigma), height>1um (4sigma)
Speed of visual field 0.3s/visual field
Reference point detecting time  0.5s/point
Max height of detection ±550um~1200μm
Max measuring height of warping PCB ±3.5mm~±5mm
Minimum pad spacing 100um(based on a soler pad with a height of 1500um)
Minimum testing size rectangle 150um, circular 200um
Height of component on PCB top/bottom 40mm
PCB thickness 0.4~7mm
Unicomp X-Ray detector 7900MAX Light tube type enclosed type
Tube voltage 90kV
Max output power 8W
Focus size 5μm
Detector high definition FPD
Pixel size <85μm
Effective detection size 130*130[mm]
Pixel matrix 1536*1536[pixel]
Frame rate 20fps
System magnification 600X
Navigation positioning Can quickly locate physical images
Automatic measuring Can automatically measure bubbles in packaged electronics such as BGA & QFN
CNC automatic detection Support single point and matrix addition, quickly generate projects and visualize them
Geometric amplification 300 times
Diversified measurement tools Support geometric measurements such as distance, angle, diameter, polygon, etc
Can detect samples at a 70 degree angle The system has a magnification of up to 6,000
BGA detection Larger magnification, clearer image, and easier to see BGA solder joints and tin cracks
Stage Capable of positioning in X,Y and Z directions; Directional positioning of X-ray tubes and X-ray detectors