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If you have ordered a PCB for assembly before, you may have past experiences submitting a parts list (bill of materials/BOM) with all the needed components to be soldered or assembled onto your board. This exact process of selecting, procuring and purchasing electronic components for PCBA is known as component sourcing services. If there is a demand for this service, RichPCBA will supply it for you!

Best Electronic Component Supplier- RichPCBA

Ensuring the quality of incoming raw materials is a critical first step in our industrial process. Identification of non-conforming materials can improve operational performance and save valuable time. All of the components we purchase will be checked one by one to make sure we have the right quantity and that the quality is as good as promised.

Providing better options for you with full range of semiconductor components
RichPCBA sources all of its electronic components from the highest quality vendors and global distributors.
We are experts in procuring components and take into account every aspect of the componnents while doing so. Every part used and sold is 100% new, guaranteed. No substitutes are ever used without your approval.
As a professional EMS provider, RichPCBA not only can purchase electronics components for you, but also can buy plastic & metal enclosures, accessories, cables, and other fabricated compositions.  All of our prices are extremely competitive and all of our products are of the highest quality.

Component Supply Chain Management

RichPCBA has a comprehensive and efficient ERP-based component procurement system, equipped with dynamic and effective market information and data collection capabilities. We utilize the latest PCB component manufacturer and material management technologies to optimize our supply chain and products.
well-known component manufacturers ensure the utmost quality of our products. You can rest assured that when you choose us, you are selecting a trusted supplier committed to delivering top-notch components for your projects.

Sourcing Electronic Parts Process from RichPCBA

RichPCBA is committed to providing an efficient and clear parts procurement process to serve customers, which saves you from having to choose one by one in the online mall and only needs to send the purchase list.

Organize Procurement Documents

A BOM list follows a very specific BOM template that specifically lists each item required for assembly, including the component package, part number, size, volume, manufacturer name, etc.

Send Documents

Although this process may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, the overall outline of it remains the same. When a customer requests a quote for PCBA, a BOM list is usually sent to the manufacturer along with the PCB files (e.g. Gerber files). After the receives this list, the real process of component sourcing begins for the RichPCBA. 

Start Purchasing

Sourcing out each component from a number of partner electronic component manufacturers (also known as original equipment manufacturers/OEMs), checking for availability and purchasing those parts for your product based on your preferences.

Select Brand

With RichPCBA PCBA service, all customers can be assured that electronic components will be sourced from your designated suppliers or any of their partner supplies, which includes DigiKey, Mouser, Arrow, Avnet, Future Electronics, Farnell, etc.).

Assembling Purchased Components

After the needed components are sourced from OEMs, RichPCBA will then handle the procurement and collection process of your components before the PCB assembly service starts.  Throughout this entire process of component sourcing, RichPCBA highly-trained and professional procurement team will ensure that your components are sourced to the highest supply management and safety standards.

Customer Service Tracking

As a customer, RichPCBA support team will always be available should you have any questions regarding the status of your order or any changes you would like to make.