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PCB Assembly Capability

SMT, the full name is surface mount technology. SMT is a way to mount the components or parts onto the boards. Due to the better outcome and higher efficiency, SMT has become the primary approach used in the process of PCB assembly.
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BGA Assembly Capability

BGA assembly refers to the process of mounting a Ball Grid Array (BGA) onto a PCB using the reflow soldering technique. BGA is a surface-mounted component that utilizes an array of solder balls for electrical interconnection. As the circuit board passes through a solder reflow oven, these solder balls melt, forming electrical connections.
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Buried/blind via, step groove, oversized, buried resistance/capacity, mixed pressure, R-F, gold finger, N+N structure, thick copper, back drilling,HDI(5+2N+5) 
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Nowadays, design is increasingly pursuing miniaturization, low cost and high speed of products, especially in the mobile device market , which usually involves high-density  electronic circuits. Using Rigid-Flex Boards will be an excellent choice for the peripheral devices connected through IO.  Seven major advantages brought by the design requirements of integrating flexible board materials and rigid board materials in the manufacturing process, combining  the 2 substrate materials with prepreg, and then achieving interlayer electrical connection of conductors through through-holes or blind/buried vias are as below:
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1.FPC—Flexible Printed Circuit, a highly reliable and flexible printed circuit made by etching onto copper foil using polyester film or polyimide as the substrate to form a circuit.  
2.Product Characteristics: ① Small size and light weight : meeting the needs of high-density, miniaturization, lightweight, thinness and high reliability development directions; ② High flexibility : can move and expand freely in 3D space, achieving integrated component assembly and wire connection.
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RO4350B、RO4450F、RO 4000serials、R04003C、92ML、RO3010RT6010LM、RO3003、RO4360G2、RT6002、RO3006、R04835TRO4350B、RO3035、Duroid® 5870 、duroid® 5880、ULTRALAM2000160021RO3003、RO3730、RO3850、RO4534、RO4730、RO4360series、RT、D6010Im、TMM10
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Due to the fact that copper exists in the form of oxides in the air, it seriously affects the solderability and electrical performance of PCBs. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out surface finish of PCBs. If the surface of PCBs is not finished, it is easy to cause virtual soldering problems, and in severe cases, solder pads and components cannot be soldered. PCB surface finish refers to the process of artificially forming a surface layer on a PCB. The purpose of PCB finish is to ensure that the PCB has good solderability or electric performance. There are many types of surface finish for PCBs.
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We’ve been committed to providing high-quality PCB design and one-stop electronic engineering for over a decade, winning customer trust with highly competitive prices and high-quality services. Regardless of the size of your project, we can meet the design requirements from product concept to production. Our comprehensive PCB design capabilities ensure understanding of your project’s technical requirements and DFM manufacturability design, without the need for multiple design iterations, which will become an important factor for customers to transition from product design to market.
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If you have ordered a PCB for assembly before, you may have past experiences submitting a parts list (bill of materials/BOM) with all the needed components to be soldered or assembled onto your board. This exact process of selecting, procuring and purchasing electronic components for PCBA is known as component sourcing services. If there is a demand for this service, RichPCBA will supply it for you!
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Professional & intelligent central warehouse management system of 1,600m2 for electronic components, with online management, real-time inventory information, accurate inventory prediction, and the ability to scan barcodes to input data, improving delivery efficiency and accuracy.
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components type brand

Industrial Automation
Sensor, switch, regulator, relay, transmitter, cable components, controller, connector, electromechanical components, timer, counter & tachometer, driver, circuit protector, optoelectronics, etc.

TE, TI, ST, Molex, Samtec, Harwin, Hirose, TYCO, 3M, JST, JAE, FCI, YAZAK, KET, TXGA, ERNI, Tyco, Panasonic, omron, SIEMENS, Autonics, AB, ABB, NJR, Schneider, Honeywell, etc.

Semi conductor
Memory IC, switch IC , driver IC, amplifier, power management IC, clock & timer IC, multimedia IC, logic IC, data converter IC, wireless & RF integrated IC, audio IC, counter IC, etc.
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