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PCBA for control system of new energy vehicle

RICH PCBA Automotive Electronics Case:

Our automotive electronics include lighting, connections, parking, moving trailers, rear boards of trucks….Car chargers, battery managementsystems (BMS), motor controllers, charging systemspower distribution modules (PDM), inverters andconverters, DC/DC converters and inverters for control engines, millimeter-wave radar, etc.

    PCBA new technology for Automotive electronics


    Automotive electronics consists of over 200 electronic control units. PCB is a key component of various electronic systems used in the automotive industry, mainly aimed at improving the performance of vehicles in terms of operating experience, efficiency and safety. PCB components exist in various automotive equipment and systems, including but not limited to:

    Engine system: To ensure efficient and safe conditions, metal substrate or rigid-flex PCBs are usually used
    Instrument panel communication system: Provides information to the driver about the condition or performance of the vehicle. Usually using multilayer FPC and HDI PCB

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    Navigation system: provides location information and direction for the driver. Usually embedded PCBs are used
    Battery charging station: enables drivers to charge electric vehicles, typically using high-power PCBs
    Security system: Prevent vehicle theft by providing automatic or remote locking and issuing alerts when potential theft is detected. Usually, multilayer FPC and HDI PCB are used.

    RICHPCBA provides world’s top one-stop PCBA services for the automotive market, including PCB design, DFMA services, PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, component procurement, and device testing. We focus on multi variety, small and medium-sized batch, and fast delivery PCBA order requirements.

    One-stop PCBA intelligent manufacturer

    OEM/ODM of PCBA for New energy vehicle instrument, SMT and DIP plug-in RICHPCBA, located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the full manufacturing process for PCB fabricating, customized processing of PCBA(OEM/ODM), circuit board soldering, PCBA for electronic products, SMT processing, DIP plug-in processing, post soldering, PCB OEM, end product assembly testing, OEM/ODM processing, electronic product OEM/ODM, etc. The company manufactures OEM products covering industrial control a wide range of fields of PCBA, robot PCBA, automotive electronic PCBA, medical PCB, smart home PCBA, new energy PCBA, wearable device PCBA, small home appliance PCBA, IoT PCBA, etc.

    RICHPCBA collaborates with globally renowned large enterprises and has obtained ISO9001 quality system certification. At the same time, it has a strict and complete RoHS assurance system and IATF16949 certification, which gives it significant advantages in the manufacturing of PCBA for automotive electronics.

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    New energy vehicle PCBA have a variety of applications in the automotive industry 

    • Braking System
    • Engine control
    • LED system
    • ECU module
    • ECL module
    • GPS navigation
    • Monitor
    • Radar system

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